• Summer 2017

    Dear Readers

    Here's to the people of Borough!

    The character of Londoner's has often been marvelled at especially in difficult times. During The Blitz of the Second World War London took a battering - photos from the time show devastated streets and yet more often than not someone is in the picture with a broad smile as they walk over heaps of rubble. We were not to be beaten then and nothing has changed.

    Even the recent chaos brought to the streets around Borough Market revealed how that courage is shared by Romanian bakers, Spanish bankers, Canadian homeless shelter workers, French chefs and Australian nurses who showed their mettle in the face of devastation.

    In these strange days, the people of London still come out to enjoy the capital's culture. From the fabulous exotic food in our markets, the art of Grayson Perry to the sounds of the blues and Amy Winehouse, we continue to be inspired by the beautiful things we make and share together.


    Angela Webb

    Angela Webb 2016